What People Are Saying About ITICC

Aaron Esparza, Genesis Mediation

As a recent graduate, with my communications degree, what I got in two days felt like a two week course. It was Great! From a beginner to an advanced student, this course addresses the essential needs in life. I'll be able to apply what I learned right away!

Pam Nielsen, Valley Christian Church

This seminar for me was extremely helpful. I was able to use the tools I learned to communicate effectively with my son. I try to think how I am communicating with others in all different types of situations. This class will help me not only in my personal life but in my professional life. I highly recommend this course.

Deborah Johansen, Valley Christian Church

This comuunication class was not only interesting, useful, and fun, it is so valuable! With the tools this course gives you, you are able to practice with daily casual conversations so that you are prepared for much deeper meaningful conversations. Very helpful!

Judy Isom, Milwaukie Christian Church

Kudos to Doug Marshall for an informative fun workshop. I recommend it for anyone who desires to communicate more effectively. I especially appreciated the "i-Mat" a helpful tool for tracking how we listen and talk to each other. I plan to use it with prayer, and am excited to become a better listener to my God.

Christiana Johns, Valley Christian Church

Doug is an excellent communicator, so he is a great person to teach this course. I learned so much and feel like I gained important skills that will help me and change the way I communicate with others. I have a friend who has been having major problems with her husband. It's caused a LOT of division between them. I was recently able to share with her some of the communication skills (iMat stuff), and she told me today she finally feels like they are communicating in a healthy way, like a huge weight has been lifted, and things are a lot more peaceful/hopeful now. Pretty amazing!

Russ Isom, Pastor of Milwaukie Christian Church

Solid biblical presentation to achieve healthy communication coupled with the helpful interactive "i-Mat."

Denis Whittet, Pastor of Kern Park Christian Church

Doug has provided a great tool for helping the church and Christians in how they communicate, and how to speak the truth in love.These simple but powerful concepts can greatly improve the health of the church.

Brenda Lyon, North Plains Christian Church

I have already shared with other organizations!! Conversations are crucial and Doug showed vividly how to speak the truth in love throughout all situations. Thanks Doug!

Kelsy Eilert

This is incredibly helpful in so many areas! Not just how to communicate well with others, but how to understand other's communication, EVEN if they aren't communicating well! Good for all relationships, including our relationships with ourselves! SO GREAT.

Gabby Morris

The course was unbelievably helpful and informative. I loved the diagrams, the way it was presented, and the way we were able to practice in the small groups! I enjoyed asking questions and feeling comfortable in doing so. Thank you for the amazing course Doug!

Ken Warner, Elder at Valley Christian Church

The iti training by Doug Marshall is comprehensive and understandable. Coupled with Doug's in-depth knowledge and true heart for God, this material comes alive. His use of the "mat" reinforces each step of listening and speaking to others.

Communication break downs are a plague to almost every relationship, from families to churches. The iti program is indeed a healing ministry whose time has come. Anyone who desires to experience God in a meaningful way must understand these powerful principles.

The iti ministry has been extremely helpful in my life and ministry. I have tried to implement these principles in all my writing and teaching. As an Elder in the Church where Doug pastors, I highly recommend this course for every church in America and to the families that struggle so much in today's culture.

Aaron Larson

I thought it was well put together. As a seminary student I have taken counseling and communication classes. This class brought together both aspects of counseling and communication in a way that would be understandable to almost anyone in the church. It is a valuable class that everyone in the church should have to go through.

Kathy Taylor, North Plains Christian Churchh

I feel no matter what you do for work or at the church, I feel this would be beneficial.

Jessica Larson

I was engaged. Great discussion. Safe environment to share ideas. Learned some real world skills that can be used anywhere.

Mike Nichols, Administrative Assistant Student Management of Wilsonville High School, Wilsonville, OR

My wife, Becky, and I took the ITI Christian Communication class from Pastor Doug a couple of years ago. I have worked for years in pre and post marital counseling as well as family and youth counseling. My current position at Wilsonville High School in Student Management requires a clear understanding of crisis counseling as well as an ability to defuse potential volatile situations. Facing challenging situations with parents, teachers and students can be very demanding and can tax one's ability to bring a peaceful resolution to a variety of conflicts.

Through my experience in counseling opportunities in the past, I had developed my own techniques of working through difficult situations with student, parent and teacher conflicts. The ITI class was truly eye opening to me. The class provided techniques and approaches to conflict resolution that I had not thought of or considered. As I stated before I was experienced in dealing with young people and adults helping them to resolve conflicts in marriage and family relationships. The class truly helped my become more effective and efficient in my efforts to help people communicate better with one another as well as feeling they were being heard and understood by those they were in conflict with.

The class has helped me with my own relationships with others to communicate better and more effectively. I have even become a better listener to my own wife. The time I spent taking the class was truly time well spent and has been a significant contributor to my increased effectiveness as a counselor. I highly recommend this class for everyone, it will improve your own personal communication skills as well as help you understand how you can help and reach others to do the same.

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