Evening or Half-Day Traning. Each communication tool: the IMap, The Process Compass, and the Conversation Gear Shift can be taught separately in a single evening or half-day segment.

"The Bridge" can be taught in an evening, half day, or full day format

Custom trainings can be created to fit your organizational needs

Full Workshops The Basic IMap and Process Compass can be covered together in a Friday Evening, Saturday Morning format. This workshop does not cover the Gear Shift or Advanced Skills. This workshop can be taught in other formats: Two evenings back to back, two separate evenings (e.g. two Fridays), or two mornings back to back, or two separat mornings (e.g. two Saturday monrings), also a full day, morning and afternoon.

The Bridge is best taught in a full day format, but can be taught in the other formats as well. .

Presentations. Half-hour to hour presentations can be presented on the following topics:

Having the Tough Conversations

  • Conflict Stewardship: Leveraging conflict to make disciples
  • To Confront or Not? When should I confront someone with a problem? Or when is it a bad idea to overlook an offense?
  • Leadership Through Listening: Directive Listening
  • Communication for Influence or Control. When do I cross the line?
  • Communicating to Know or Influence. When do I shift gears?
  • Diffusing Anger Through Listening
  • Defending is Death. Listening is Life. The problem with defensiveness
  • Could I Be the Problem? Steps to Getting the Log Out
  • When to Fight, When to Compromise, When to Work Together: Conflict Strategies
  • A Gentle Answer: Tips to Keep My Conversations Gentle
  • Forgiveness: The Ultimate Weapon Againt the Devil
  • Collaboration: The Best Solution Finder
  • Blessed Are the Peacmakers: Peace Starts with Me and Jesus

Communicating Effectively

  • "I" Messages: The best way to get my message across
  • Be Quick to Listen: A vital key to practicing biblical humility
  • Individuality in the Christian Worldview. Who do I think I am?
  • Self Awarenesss: The gateway to christian spiritual maturity
  • Wants Rule! The vital need to get in touch with what I really want
  • If You Reflect, People Will Come! The single most powerful listening skill
  • Basic Tips to Buiding Passport (or Rapport) in a Conversation
  • Specfic Skills
    • I Messages
    • Five Talking Skills
    • Five Listening Skills
    • Three Kinds of Listening: Active, Responsive, and Directive

Conversation Coaching, Facilition, and Mediation

Conversation Coaching. Coaching involves working with individuals or leadership groups in how to have productive and redemptive conversations around thier current issues.

Facilitated Conversations. Facilitated conversations include coaching but involve third-party facilitation of discussions and negotiations with various parties.

Mediation. Mediation involves all of the above, but includes guidance and leadership in reconciling parties who are hurt.

$100 per hour.